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sandy amberg


February 5th, 2009

(no subject)

sandy amberg
so, i tried not to doubt myself. i acted normal. and the one guy that it might work out with. used me again. and now im over it. im over guys becuase none of them seem to like me and they all use me, everyone ive been with. now i dont feel so bad about lying to some of them
i hate them
and i hate this time of year. valentinesfuck me in theass
oh and once again im the only one of my close friends that is single.
and it really isnt that fun people

i dont know why boys are so important to me. they really arent. i guesss its the fact that ive never had one of my own who ACTUALLY wanted me and meant what they said.
(except for one, but i was not happy with him, i was jsut in it to make him happy ergo, making myself miserable.)

but then again you cant love other people when you dont love yourself, im working on that. but once again im set back.

its just not fair.
why cant just once a guy mean it when he looks into my eyes or says something cute to me.

my friends tell me theres nothing wrong with me and i think im slightly attractive except that im fat but whatever. they tell me to be more confident but, it doesnt work guys; sorry.

thats why i do alot of drugs (you have no idea)
thats why i make funny and ugly faces
thats why i make lots of jokes and try not to be sad in front of people

im so complpicated and empty.

at least i have my art now....

January 15th, 2009

(no subject)

sandy amberg
sometimes i just feel like dancing around my house and making alot of noise
causing a ruckus
and making a mess

i like constructing up dance moves
and making weird noises

i cant help it, i guess im just impulsive.

(no subject)

sandy amberg

so for real...

Now that the devil is out of m life and back to virginia i can actuallly try and make my job a more habitable place.
her name was jessica and she was a big meanie. i hate her.

basically but enough of that. my bosses never liked me. they were always biased and yelled at me alot and sent me home for stupid reasons. but yeasterday, i went to work; i took out my monroe, put some tennis shoes on my feet and brought a hat. and for once they actually teated me like a real person. they said hi to me and the first words out of their mouths werent negative or mean they were civilized and they actually joked around with me. i finally felt good. and they didnt hassle me or anything. i dont understand.

and my coworker nancy aka the shit. shes in her like late 40s and she has kids and is so hip, like a nice homey mom type. she was telling me about how one time jess was sitting down with my bosses and they were all talking slander about me and making fun of me. i  mean i knew jess was low, but cmon, and for my bosses to just fall under her words sheesh. but nancy stood up for me and told them to shut their traps! and that made me like nancy even more :) i know she just wants me to suceed.
idk this had been on my mind so much

the way people always betray me and leave me
and how iv never had one constant best friend in my life.
how all my friends fade away

why cant i keep that flame?
is it really me? because i keep thinking it is
i have so much regrets

THIS is whats been on my mind for the past 5 months.

January 13th, 2009

(no subject)

sandy amberg

so what really grinds my gears is this new adult swim koth over taking family guy at ten
who watches koth? not funny. only bobbby and wtf its like cowboys and indians dont get it

and i love ollie williams long live family guy

superjail: deff FTW

sandy amberg

the show superjail on adult swim is pretty much the coolest thing thing on the face of the earth. i love the voices and the artwork. and i wich i could draw like that. alas i am yet a padiwan. although im not really sure what is going on hah i can still follow pretty properly.

super jail:

January 12th, 2009

today: new beginings... NOT

sandy amberg
so today i made like two new web pages to tell the world about me. i went to art classs and drew charcoal pictures of this old lady in a leotard which did NOT i repeat NOT cover her tush. but they turned out good all the same. then i got a piece of paper in amagazine that says: CAUTION: DO NOT WANT. (that was like 2 ddays ago but still hilarious when i look at it)

such great finds when you find stuff like that.
more to come thanks
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